New service: Book Description Design!

editing-girlWe’re happy to announce that KH Koehler Design is now rolling out a new service: Book Description Design.

Why is your book description important? 

Your book listing is the first thing a potential customer sees on a retail site, and, often enough, determines whether the reader will put down his or her hard-earned cash to purchase your book. First impressions are important, so you want to look like the professional you are. Listing Design in an all-inclusive package for your online book listing. It takes care of all the grunt labor of designing your listing and includes:

  • Several specially-designed blurbs or “hooks” to choose from for your book. (I.e., “Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…”)
  • A full, marketable back copy for your book comprised of 3-4 paragraphs so you don’t have to struggle anymore. We can edit the one you have written, or write you fresh copy.
  • Specially edited reviews to make you look like the professional you are. (You provide the full reviews. We’ll edit them down into a usable format.)
  • A short, marketable excerpt that you can use in any listing online.
  • Marketable meta words to use in your Amazon listing and elsewhere to help you hit your target audience right on the nose.

A couple of authors have already taken advantage of our new service and we’re happy to show you samples of what you can expect. Reasonable rates and super quick turnaround. We can have your listing ready in just a few days. Please inquire for more details. Self-pubbers, traditionally published authors, and publishers welcomed!


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