Book Description Design

quill-pen1First impressions are important, so you want to look like the professional you are. Listing Design in an all-inclusive package for your online book listing. It takes care of all the grunt labor of designing your listing and includes:

  • Several specially-designed blurbs or “hooks” to choose from for your book. (I.e., “Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…”)
  • A full, marketable back copy for your book comprised of 3-4 paragraphs so you don’t have to struggle anymore. We can edit the one you have written, or write you fresh copy.
  • Specially edited existing reviews to help you hook readers and inspire confidence in your work.
  • A short, marketable excerpt that you can use in any listing online.
  • Marketable meta words to use in your Amazon listing and elsewhere to help you hit your target audience right on the nose.

PRICE LIST (6/4/17)

  • $99.00 US flat rate and includes all of the above solutions.

We normally request half of payment at the time of commission and half after the author has received his/her project and is completely satisfied with the work.

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