quill-pen1Books-on-Demand is your idea for a novel and our work in breathing life into it. Whether you are a publisher or an author, we will take your idea and design, outline, write, and edit your story to your specifications.

Step 1: You contact us about your idea. We will work out all the detail via Skype, phone or over email, your choice.

Step 2: Our professional ghostwriters will design an outline for you to approve. You may request alterations at any time at this point.

Step 3: We finalize the outline, the story’s themes, characters, mood, length, and all the essential little details.

Step 4: The writing process begins. This may take anywhere from 2-6 months, depending on the length of your project idea.

Step 5: The ghostwriter delivers the finished first draft of the manuscript to you to read and approve. You may request a rewrite or any alternations at this time, because we want you to be happy with your book.

Step 6: All rewrites and alterations are completed. The ghostwriter and/or our copyeditors edit the final work so it is squeaky clean and ready for print.

Step 7: The finished manuscript is delivered directly to you.

PRICE LIST (6/4/17)

  • $0.02 US per word, any size work. You may request a short story, novella, novelette, novel, or epic, any genre, any style, any theme.

We normally request half of payment at the time of commission and half after the author has received his/her project and is completely satisfied with the work.

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